Thursday, 7 January 2010

First Wedding Anniversary

Wow, it's been a year since we said our wedding vows (already?)  ... We thanked God for everything.  For giving us patience & strength, waiting is the hardest, everybody knows.

How we celebrated our anniversary? Pretty simple and we both enjoyed it.  We had this agreement that we will take turns in planning on how we'll celebrate our anniversaries.  This year because it's the first one, kaming dalawa muna.  
A week before we tried to pick places and restaurants but it doesn't sound interesting. We often go out naman, so we have to think of something that we will both enjoy. Dami naming naisip but can't be done in this bitterly cold, icy Winnipeg.  


Yes, we had it in the comfort of our apartment.  We had so much fun setting up the table at nag take out lang kami. We grabbed a non-alcoholic drink, cheese cake, fruits and some candles, had nice music and took lots of pictures! 

from Bravenet blog