Thursday, 8 August 2013


When I started CGA (Certified General Accountants) Program of Professional Studies in 2011,  my credentials from the Philippines were assessed at Level 4- Advanced but it was spelled out in my admission letter that my bachelor's degree does not satisfy the degree component of the program.  As part of the opportunity  I don't have to go through college again I just need to take 5 courses, on top of the CGA courses.  

Aside from 5 degree courses, I need to pass 10 CGA exams (Six courses from Level 4 and four courses from PACE Level, two of that are big national exams) to get my CGA designation.  I know Level 1-3 exemption is pretty good but I think I deserve the degree credit, I have MBA aside from my Bachelor's degree from the Philippines.  I tried to appeal, but CGA was firm with their decision that I should take the additional courses for the degree.  They said I could have my credentials assessed with WES – World Education Services and IQAS – International Qualifications Assessment Service  and will accept the assessment outcome on either organization.  Assessment from these organization is not free and I heard that its almost impossible to qualify from other assessing organization when you initially failed at CGA.  I still wanna try.  I was busy with my CGA courses so I wasn't able to gather all requirements for assessment.  Just recently, after completing Level 4 I  started gathering the requirements, thanks to the help of my brothers and Bem back home.  

I was praying that I will get the credits because I am so tired studying already, it's not easy to prepare for exams while working.  It's just so draining, In my mind I decided to quit a millions times, specially that time when I failed two exams, same course, tagal kong naka get over.  Anyways, before I could submit my credentials, I received a letter from CGA telling me that they did a re-evaluation and I am among those who met the criteria so, I have now satisfied the degree component of the program!!!!!  Yeyyyy!!! I was so surprised, as always when I'm home and excited I jumped, danced, went crazy...  I wasn't expecting this!  After two years!!! God answers prayers, we just need to wait and believe! 5 courses is 15 months, that is a big chunk from my CGA timeline.  Four more courses to go and I'm done with the program. I do have some open sessions (no courses available for me) so God willing, I will have my CGA designation by Spring 2015.  That is so soon compared to let's say, winter of  2016! Well, I don't care when I will get my designation just the fact that I only have four more exams to write, I am so thrilled!  Less courses, less study time, less stress! Yay!!!!  I am just so happy!  God is good!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


My life is not perfect but I truly feel blessed.  Those  close to me know that the last two months were overwhelming.  I am thankful for my very supportive, amazing husband,  great family and awesome friends.  I am also grateful for the peace that God is putting in my heart, I believe that if we embrace God, joy and peace will follow.  I am not saying that I don't have emotional meltdowns, I do but if I will sum it up, I love my life and I am happy.  I am blessed!! :) 

Monday, 22 July 2013


So, here's the proof that I love bargains...  lol
This one is an outfit for $51 only.
(I don't have a solo picture in this outfit, I am with  pretty ladies Jessica and Auntie Jane.)

Amber Skirt from Ricki's: $35.00, got it for $9.99
Off-white silky top from Smart Set: $25.00, $9.99
Tan Cardigan from Wal-Mart: $24.00,  $11.00
Shoes from Le Chateau: $80.00, $19.99
Clutch purse:  Gift (thanks bem!)
Be on the lookout for bargains and you will find a gem on those clearance sections. :)

Also, I am happy that I can wear this kind of outfit again, I lose so much weight if you haven't notice (lol). At this time last year I am at 123 lbs, my doctor told me to at least lose 3 lbs so I will be within BMI, well, I want to do more than that, last time I am on that weighing scale  I am at 114 lbs, yeyyy!!! 4 more lbs and I am back to my ideal weight.
I am also working on losing inches on my waist and getting rid of my double chin.  Okay!  okay!  I will stop, so much for all these vanities.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Be stylish without sacrificing modesty

I am having fun lately putting outfits together online.  I always love fashion, new styles but I am kind of boring when it comes to colors.  I love black!  Lately  I've been adding colors to my outfits and I'm liking it.

I believe that we can be stylish (or you might want to use the word 'fashionable') without sacrificing modesty.   

Don't get me wrong fashion is not taking over my life, I don't dress up like a celebrity everyday and I am not a 'fashionista'.  I just love clothes, bags and shoes (all ladies do, right?)  There are days that I look sloppy, there are days that it is just taking much of my energy to put an outfit together, so I just wear what is "easy".  Also,  you don't have to spend a lot to look good, I love bargains and very budget conscious.  If I like a dress that's beyond my budget I let it go, even if it means thinking about it for couple of days.  If I'm even lucky, it goes on sale after a week or so.

Well, much being said, here are my outfits from Polyvore that I really like.  This is my style/taste so I would understand if you don't like them, everyone has it's own fashion sense.  :)

If you want to see all outfits I created go to this link

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Certified Professional Teacher

Yesterday Dennis got a letter from Manitoba Education.  He didn't want open the letter he was so nervous, so I opened it for him and we're so happy to find out that it was a permanent Manitoba Professional Teacher Certificate.  We literally jumped up & down, lol. I am so happy for him, I know he's been praying that he will get this license, he is so specific on asking God that he wants a permanent certificate (when you get a probationary one, you will have to get courses to obtain the permanent certificate).  He is now allowed to teach from Kindergarten to Grade 12. God is so good! 
This is just the beginning, praying that he will get a teaching job soon or anything related to it.   Happy that he is now starting to be on that career path he really loves.

Happy for you babe.

Monday, 7 January 2013

4th Wedding Anniversary

Yay! 4 years na. God has been so good to us for the past four years.  So grateful for all His blessings!  Work is going good. Mid 2011, I was promoted as an Accountant1 (after being on temp jobs and clerical tasks for over a year) then early 2012 I was transferred as Main Accountant and recently re-classed as Financial Support Officer.  I was doing good at work maybe, but what I'm pretty sure of, all are God's favor. Good thing that I didn't hop to another job just because I can't get a good position in the company.  I really believe on the saying that, "good things happen to those who wait and pray".
I'm happy and contented, not saying that life is perfect but I learned how to thank God no matter what.  Just being happy together with my baby love (lol), is already a great blessing and worth thanking for.

On our Anniversary, Dennis did most the planning this time.
Saturday: January 5th, he let me shop.
Sunday: January 6th, Dine at The Current.
Monday: January 7th (exact date of our Anniversary)  he got me a special gift 🎁

Thanks Babe!