Saturday, 22 June 2013

Be stylish without sacrificing modesty

I am having fun lately putting outfits together online.  I always love fashion, new styles but I am kind of boring when it comes to colors.  I love black!  Lately  I've been adding colors to my outfits and I'm liking it.

I believe that we can be stylish (or you might want to use the word 'fashionable') without sacrificing modesty.   

Don't get me wrong fashion is not taking over my life, I don't dress up like a celebrity everyday and I am not a 'fashionista'.  I just love clothes, bags and shoes (all ladies do, right?)  There are days that I look sloppy, there are days that it is just taking much of my energy to put an outfit together, so I just wear what is "easy".  Also,  you don't have to spend a lot to look good, I love bargains and very budget conscious.  If I like a dress that's beyond my budget I let it go, even if it means thinking about it for couple of days.  If I'm even lucky, it goes on sale after a week or so.

Well, much being said, here are my outfits from Polyvore that I really like.  This is my style/taste so I would understand if you don't like them, everyone has it's own fashion sense.  :)

If you want to see all outfits I created go to this link