Thursday, 8 August 2013


When I started CGA (Certified General Accountants) Program of Professional Studies in 2011,  my credentials from the Philippines were assessed at Level 4- Advanced but it was spelled out in my admission letter that my bachelor's degree does not satisfy the degree component of the program.  As part of the opportunity  I don't have to go through college again I just need to take 5 courses, on top of the CGA courses.  

Aside from 5 degree courses, I need to pass 10 CGA exams (Six courses from Level 4 and four courses from PACE Level, two of that are big national exams) to get my CGA designation.  I know Level 1-3 exemption is pretty good but I think I deserve the degree credit, I have MBA aside from my Bachelor's degree from the Philippines.  I tried to appeal, but CGA was firm with their decision that I should take the additional courses for the degree.  They said I could have my credentials assessed with WES – World Education Services and IQAS – International Qualifications Assessment Service  and will accept the assessment outcome on either organization.  Assessment from these organization is not free and I heard that its almost impossible to qualify from other assessing organization when you initially failed at CGA.  I still wanna try.  I was busy with my CGA courses so I wasn't able to gather all requirements for assessment.  Just recently, after completing Level 4 I  started gathering the requirements, thanks to the help of my brothers and Bem back home.  

I was praying that I will get the credits because I am so tired studying already, it's not easy to prepare for exams while working.  It's just so draining, In my mind I decided to quit a millions times, specially that time when I failed two exams, same course, tagal kong naka get over.  Anyways, before I could submit my credentials, I received a letter from CGA telling me that they did a re-evaluation and I am among those who met the criteria so, I have now satisfied the degree component of the program!!!!!  Yeyyyy!!! I was so surprised, as always when I'm home and excited I jumped, danced, went crazy...  I wasn't expecting this!  After two years!!! God answers prayers, we just need to wait and believe! 5 courses is 15 months, that is a big chunk from my CGA timeline.  Four more courses to go and I'm done with the program. I do have some open sessions (no courses available for me) so God willing, I will have my CGA designation by Spring 2015.  That is so soon compared to let's say, winter of  2016! Well, I don't care when I will get my designation just the fact that I only have four more exams to write, I am so thrilled!  Less courses, less study time, less stress! Yay!!!!  I am just so happy!  God is good!