Friday, 7 January 2011

2nd Wedding Anniversary

How time flies.  It's our second anniversary today.  Very grateful for everything.  It was a challenging year for us.  It's not easy but we both enjoyed it, good or bad the best thing is we're together.  Thank God!  It's basically the first year we are together, on our first year Dennis was still in the Phils.  Sure there were lots of adjustments, but with God's help we were able to overcome everything.  From petty things to significant ones, we are okay,  I learned a lot, and still learning, I know I'm getting there. I hope whatever we've been through this year will help us get stronger.
Now for starting a family? May naiinip ng maging lolo at lola.. hahahaha.  hmmmm... Presently, we are not trying, we have reasons.   I'm praying that mid-this year my requests to my employer will be approved. Been with them for over a year but my benefits are not that good.  Not that they are cheap but because I can't find a good item (position) that has a better benefit package.  I love the company and I'm fulfilled with what I am doing  that's why I'm so hesitant to find another one. Bahala na si Lord.  

So yeah, as i have mentioned last year, it's Dennis' turn to plan for our anniversary celebration this time.. let's see, i'm excited.  I have to work late today, so we will  celebrate tomorrow.    

Anniversary Celebration:  
I had to work late on our Anniversary day so we agreed to celebrate the following day.  But to my surprise when I got home Dennis got me this    pero may catch..

Catch:  I have to help him pick a restaurant for our date tomorrow di pa daw niya alam dito sa Winnipeg.  Okay, acceptable. 

We went to 529 Wellington Steakhouse, it was a very nice fine dining experience.  Fab night!

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