Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Place

We moved to our new home a month ago.  It's a cute two-bedroom townhouse, we have a deck and a small backyard. Condo living still appeals to us, it's a simple, less maintenance way of living.  I know things will change in the future, time will come that we will need more space, but for now we are enjoying this hassle-free, cheaper way of living. 
I had fun decorating and furnishing the place for the past weeks, I am still thinking how to make over my living room. 
Here are some parts of the house, I am loving the minimalist look.

Thankful for this blessing!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

5th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary babe, I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for always making me laugh, thank you for being so understanding and sweet.  
God is so good to us!

 Dinner at Prairie 360, Winnipeg's revolving restaurant.  When we arrived we we're escorted to our table with a simple greeting card on it.  Sweet! It was a great place, with great food and service.  View is breathtaking, It was nice to see the snowy city from above.  It was a great dining experience.  We really enjoyed the night. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

My life is certainly not boring, so much is going on. 2013 just went by so fast and to sum it up it was indeed  a great year.  It wasn't perfect but God's grace is overflowing.  Just a little glimpse of what happened in 2013, I am pretty much busy with CGA, church and work.  Social life is dining out with Dennis, time with family, going out and partying with our close friends from church.


January - We celebrated our 4th year Wedding Anniversary.
- I turned 32
-We had an accident, our car slipped and we went up on the snow bank.  Even though Dennis won't admit it (lol), he went too fast on a very icy road.  God was with us, no one was hurt.

February - We started a "Journey" that we never thought would be so challenging.

March - CGA exam.  Passed.

April - Dennis got his Manitoba teaching license.

May - We found out something that not everybody would want to hear. It was devastating at first but God was there and God gave us peace.

June - 10th year being a couple, we started dating when I was 22 and got married at 28.
- CGA exam.  Passed.
- Busy planning my family's vacation to Singapore and Malaysia.

July - Dennis turned 31. Yes he is one year younger than me. ;)

August - I received a letter from CGA informing me that they re-evaluated my degree from  the Philippines and they are giving me the credits. Five courses/exams were waived. Yay!

September - Received a bad news, related to what we found out in May.

October - Thanksgiving! Despite the not-so-good reports we had we are still grateful.

November - Busy with house hunting, mortgage approval and everything. So thrilled when we found a place that we like and got approved for mortgage. Excited for our new home!
- CGA exam.  No results yet.

December - I got a raise. :)
-Close to Christmas I received the news that my grandma on the father's side passed away. Of course I was sad but I know she is in a better place now. She's 85 yrs old and love her dearly. She had a great life and we thank God for the long years we spent with her.
- Noche Buena with family here in Winnipeg.
- Christmas party with friends. It was fun!!
- Communion service.

Looking forward for great things that will happen in 2014.
God is always good!