Monday, 19 August 2019

The perfect size backpack

Sofia is the happiest whenever we go to the park.  We will just stroll for a bit then it’s playground time.  😄 

For quick outings and short errands like this, I find this backpack very convenient to use even with a 10-month old.  I was looking for a versatile, stylish and functional backpack (being handsfree is important) so I don’t have to bring diaper bag all the time.This backpack has it all,  it is roomy, has 4 pockets and some partitions inside which I find very useful.  I love everything about it,  the color, the minimalist style, the size,  everything!   It can also be worn as shoulder bag!!! 😮 

Check this 'minimalist charmer' bag  at  use my code GRAB25R to get 25% discount. There are 6 colors to choose from, shipping is very minimal.  
Another reason to order:  In every purchase placed they will donate a percentage to charitable causes!  You can choose among four charities at checkout.  

This is how much stuff this bag was able to hold. Impressive!

 Some snacks, water bottle, baby bottle, baby essentials and mom's essentials.   The pink pouch has 4 diapers, wipes and a thin changing pad.

Note: Bag color in the website is more accurate
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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Diaper Bag review

I am not a diaper bag fan, with Sofia I used tote bag and pouches to organize my baby things.  I want to be the stylish mom :D .  With our upcoming month-long trip and having two kids, I think I can no longer get away with just a tote bag.  So, I started looking for the perfect diaper bag.  I am so happy I found this fully functional yet stylish bag from Hafmall.

If you are looking for a stylish, functional, well made and affordable backpack diaper bag, this one is for you.  The bag opens wide enough and has back opening for easy access for whatever's in the bottom, no more digging!  I super love that feature.  I also love the wipes dispenser in one of the side pockets.  You will really love all the pockets and compartments of this bag.  It also comes with two stroller straps.  Very practical.

As you can see I stuffed this bag to its full capacity to test it, the bag did hold up pretty well.  What is more awesome, it didn't dwarf me at all, I am barely 5 feet tall so I am very careful in choosing backpacks :D
Five stars for being petite friendly backpack.

You can have one of these backpacks or any style of your choice from Amazon.

For US customers use this link
Use discount code 20USRenda for 20% off

For Canada customers use  search HAFMALL
Use discount code 20CARenda for 20% off

Use code until August 15th.

Good for Dad's too!
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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Mother’s day 2019

Can’t believe they are mine.  Love you babies ❤️

Four years ago,  on a Mother’s Day, while waiting if I did make it to the CPA list,  I was crying,  was overwhelmed with a lot of things.  I was thinking about the exams and was heartbroken that’s it’s Mother’s day again and we are still waiting for a baby.  I was wondering if it will ever happen. It’s been four years waiting. 
Two months later,  I got the biggest surprise of my life,  I am pregnant!  and just couple weeks ago that time,  I received the news that I got the CGA/CPA designation. 😊
It may be hard to understand during the four-year wait why it was not happening but it’s so clear to me now.  Getting that designation was not easy.  Would be so challenging with kids.
God really knows when is the best time.
If you are still waiting for your greatest blessing,  a baby,  husband, a dream job, healing, any breakthrough... just wait,  if it’s God’s will, it will happen,  it will come,  at the most perfect time!!! God is faithful!
Two years later,  another  beautiful baby came. ❤️

Today at church,  Dennis asked me if I remember that Mother’s day that I cried so hard.  Yes and these babies are my constant reminder that God is really good!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Our Princess is One

I can't believe it's been over a year since I updated this blog.  Being a mom is not easy, my hands are always full but it's all worth it.

Our princess turned one last month.  Which means I am also back to work.  It's another adjustment.

We had a huge party as a thanksgiving for our baby's first year of life and  a celebration for surviving our first year of being parents.

I love her party, everything is DIY, I had fun preparing every detail of it.  It was a pink and gold party.

We thank everyone who came and celebrated with us :)


Goodie bags


Auntie Jane made the cake and all these goodies.  Pretty!

God is good!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pregnancy - First Trimester

Last week marked the end of my first trimester.  Some books said that first trimester is up to 14 weeks but my doctor said it's 12 weeks, so I will go with 12 weeks.

I can't say that I had an easy first trimester but hearing from other's I think, I am still among the blessed ones. I only got sick (threw up) thrice so far.  I feel great every time I wake up, but as the day progresses I am starting to feel nauseous and it gets pretty bad in the evening.  I have heightened sense of smell that leads to nausea.  I often joked that my sense of smell can probably solve a crime these days.  Also, I have to deal with frequent urination, bloating, constipation and vivid dreams.

I don't have extreme mood swings.  I maybe irritable at times (lalo na pag may makulit) but most days I am in good mood, I am happy that I am pregnant and maybe I just don't want to get mad or upset because I am thinking there will be an adverse effect to the baby.  I just hope this will last throughout my pregnancy, rational mind over hormonal changes haha.  Just one thing I noticed, I am more blunt these days, I can say things without sugar coating kahit di galit.   Also, I am more clingy to Dennis, pinaglilihian ko yata.  I have no cravings and there' a lot that I don't like to eat and smell and that includes RICE! yes rice, which is super weird.

Even now that I am over 13 weeks I am still feeling most of these.  Hope I will feel a lot better in the coming days.

No weight gain yet because I can barely eat.  My doctor said I'm still okay but should try to eat more.  I didn't know that it is imperative for pregnant women to gain a certain weight in every trimester. But I am happy that "eating for two" is a myth, just my normal diet plus more fruits and vitamins.

On my 12th week.
I know it will come but I can't wait to have a proper bump.  Right now it's just weird, I'm  barely showing in the morning but my tummy is literally 3-4 inches bigger in the evening, it's super tight and uncomfortable then it will deflate in the morning. I was concerned so I asked my doctor about this and she said bloating is very common specially in early pregnancy.  So I guess I just have to deal with it. :) 


Thursday, 17 September 2015

In God's perfect time

Cautiously sharing this great news.

With CGA (was trying to finish before deadline) and other things in the way, we just prayed for God's will and right time to have a baby.  June, I wrote my last exams.  Two weeks after CGA confirmed that I passed, we found out that we're expecting.  Yay!

We also tested with pink dye. Haha

September 8th we saw our baby's heartbeat.  Ang saya!

God's timing is always perfect, never early never late.  We just need to wait because He has greater plans for us.  

Dennis and I will appreciate your prayers for healthy pregnancy, baby and delivery. 

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift. =)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

It's official

Yes, it's a big deal.  I am super happy that it's all done.  It was not an easy journey but all the hard work and sacrifices have finally paid off. Thank you Jesus!