Saturday, 14 February 2015

Date Night

Time to try the newest restaurant in the city, Era Bistro.  We both love to eat but none of us is a great cook, so dining out is one of our hobbies. haha.

Era is a restaurant inside the Human Rights museum.  Reviews are good and because I was curious we made a reservation for dinner.
It's a great place, I love the contemporary look.  They have these communal tables that foodies in the city said, would be the next big thing in Winnipeg dining this year.  Well, I am  not into it yet, I still prefer a separate table.  If you'll make a reservation you will likely get a separate table for two or four.

The food:  It was really good or let's say it's "different".  It's just so good, I don't know how to give food review but just look at our plates, it will tell you how much we enjoyed our dinner.
Price is a bit upscale (it's worth it though), not for everyday dining but I will definitely come back.  There is still more on their menu that I want to try.  

For starter we had fried yam.  Okay I was thinking it's just kamote (sweet potato).  Our server explained what's in it, though I didn't understand a bit we had it anyway, good thing we did because it was perfect! I'm craving while writing this.

I had lamb loin and Dennis had steak (as usual).  Main courses were great too.  529 wellington's steak is also  good but there's something different here at Era.  

Dennis even had a dessert (he doesn't like sweets) but he really loved the Apple Galette. Very delicious.

It was a great night. Me and Dennis had a great chat about everything while waiting for our food.  It's just so funny that the moment we start eating we can't stop talking about our food.  Normally we just eat and talk about anything then leave.   I even mentioned that after CGA I will enrol to culinary arts, inspired by Era Bistro! :)

If you've been to this place I would love to hear your Era Bistro experience.
Thanks for stopping by.