Monday, 7 January 2013

4th Wedding Anniversary

Yay! 4 years na. God has been so good to us for the past four years.  So grateful for all His blessings!  Work is going good. Mid 2011, I was promoted as an Accountant1 (after being on temp jobs and clerical tasks for over a year) then early 2012 I was transferred as Main Accountant and recently re-classed as Financial Support Officer.  I was doing good at work maybe, but what I'm pretty sure of, all are God's favor. Good thing that I didn't hop to another job just because I can't get a good position in the company.  I really believe on the saying that, "good things happen to those who wait and pray".
I'm happy and contented, not saying that life is perfect but I learned how to thank God no matter what.  Just being happy together with my baby love (lol), is already a great blessing and worth thanking for.

On our Anniversary, Dennis did most the planning this time.
Saturday: January 5th, he let me shop.
Sunday: January 6th, Dine at The Current.
Monday: January 7th (exact date of our Anniversary)  he got me a special gift 🎁

Thanks Babe!