Sunday, 12 May 2019

Mother’s day 2019

Can’t believe they are mine.  Love you babies ❤️

Four years ago,  on a Mother’s Day, while waiting if I did make it to the CPA list,  I was crying,  was overwhelmed with a lot of things.  I was thinking about the exams and was heartbroken that’s it’s Mother’s day again and we are still waiting for a baby.  I was wondering if it will ever happen. It’s been four years waiting. 
Two months later,  I got the biggest surprise of my life,  I am pregnant!  and just couple weeks ago that time,  I received the news that I got the CGA/CPA designation. 😊
It may be hard to understand during the four-year wait why it was not happening but it’s so clear to me now.  Getting that designation was not easy.  Would be so challenging with kids.
God really knows when is the best time.
If you are still waiting for your greatest blessing,  a baby,  husband, a dream job, healing, any breakthrough... just wait,  if it’s God’s will, it will happen,  it will come,  at the most perfect time!!! God is faithful!
Two years later,  another  beautiful baby came. ❤️

Today at church,  Dennis asked me if I remember that Mother’s day that I cried so hard.  Yes and these babies are my constant reminder that God is really good!