Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pregnancy - First Trimester

Last week marked the end of my first trimester.  Some books said that first trimester is up to 14 weeks but my doctor said it's 12 weeks, so I will go with 12 weeks.

I can't say that I had an easy first trimester but hearing from other's I think, I am still among the blessed ones. I only got sick (threw up) thrice so far.  I feel great every time I wake up, but as the day progresses I am starting to feel nauseous and it gets pretty bad in the evening.  I have heightened sense of smell that leads to nausea.  I often joked that my sense of smell can probably solve a crime these days.  Also, I have to deal with frequent urination, bloating, constipation and vivid dreams.

I don't have extreme mood swings.  I maybe irritable at times (lalo na pag may makulit) but most days I am in good mood, I am happy that I am pregnant and maybe I just don't want to get mad or upset because I am thinking there will be an adverse effect to the baby.  I just hope this will last throughout my pregnancy, rational mind over hormonal changes haha.  Just one thing I noticed, I am more blunt these days, I can say things without sugar coating kahit di galit.   Also, I am more clingy to Dennis, pinaglilihian ko yata.  I have no cravings and there' a lot that I don't like to eat and smell and that includes RICE! yes rice, which is super weird.

Even now that I am over 13 weeks I am still feeling most of these.  Hope I will feel a lot better in the coming days.

No weight gain yet because I can barely eat.  My doctor said I'm still okay but should try to eat more.  I didn't know that it is imperative for pregnant women to gain a certain weight in every trimester. But I am happy that "eating for two" is a myth, just my normal diet plus more fruits and vitamins.

On my 12th week.
I know it will come but I can't wait to have a proper bump.  Right now it's just weird, I'm  barely showing in the morning but my tummy is literally 3-4 inches bigger in the evening, it's super tight and uncomfortable then it will deflate in the morning. I was concerned so I asked my doctor about this and she said bloating is very common specially in early pregnancy.  So I guess I just have to deal with it. :) 


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